Making a Swivel TV Stand

Sep 10th
Popular Swivel TV Stand
Popular Swivel TV Stand

Do you have problems to watch TV from another part of the room? If you’re tired of fighting for the best seat in the room, installing a swivel TV stand it is a low-cost option that lets you rotate to view from all angles. The TV swivel mounts can be made to suit all types of equipment, from largest to smallest. Now we just have to fight for the remote control. Measures based on the television and a wood cut of the right size for it. Make sure the wood is thick enough to support a television. If it is not, you can get two pieces of the same size and cut square.

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Place Lazy Susan rotating on a piece of wood. Measures all sides to make sure it is centered. Mark the four holes in the wooden swivel TV stand base. Do the same with the other piece of wood, then turn the top by which it crosses? Keep the new brands and x out.In a piece of wood, drill a hole where marked for Lazy Susan rotating hole. Place Lazy Susan rotating in one of the pieces of wood. Make sure the holes line up with the markings and secure them with screws. You’ll have to rotate the top of the turntable to reach them. When the screws are attached, rotate and swivel freely, marks one of the holes do not have the same screws. It will be the top of the swivel TV stand.

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Turn the turntable to make visible marks step 4. Drill a whole 1/4 inch larger than the screw head. Place another piece of wood on a flat surface making sure that the marks of the screw holes are facing up. Take the other piece of wood attached to the turntable, turn it over and put another piece of wood. Check that a screw hole is visible through the drilled hole. Align hole with one of the marks on the bottom piece of wood. Be sure not to use the holes with an x ​​in them. Slowly turn the top piece of wood and install three screws. When you’re done you should be able to match the top and bottom your swivel TV stand.

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