Tall Media Console: Good or Bad? Check This Out!

May 1st
Tall Media Console Wood
Tall Media Console Wood

Correct position of TV involves more than comfort. How about ideal tall media console? Health, especially in relation to eyes, but also close – neck and other areas may be affected if hearing is fixed for a long time on a screen that is too close or far either higher or lower than recommended. It should also pay attention to lighting in room where TV is to be adequate.

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Regarding tall media console recommended by experts is that center of screen is placed at eye level. That is, it depends on position where people watching TV are placed regularly. To get a general idea about eyes of a person of average height sitting on a chair or sofa-size is at a height -from ground of between 85 centimeters and one meter. Thus, center of screen should be within height range.

If TV is not in room, but elsewhere, like bedroom, your situation may vary. Often in these cases it is placed at a considerable height near ceiling. One such measure is harmful whether to watch TV at tall media console as happens in bars, where TV must be high to make it look from of all places, but not if viewed from bed, his head resting on pillow or cushion. We do have to consider in this case position of screen: it is best that is not vertically but, thanks to a supporting structure, may have an inclination towards place from where he observed.

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